Child Safety: Window Coverings for Peace of Mind

How many times have you walked into a room and noticed all of the things that could be a potential danger to your child? You’ll most likely notice sharp surfaces or outlets—the very obvious dangers to your curious little one. Child Safety is important in a home environment; this is where they explore, play, and develop. What about your window coverings? Do you have child safe blinds? Many people don’t consider blinds to be a safety hazard, but children can turn anything into a toy…including the cords of your blinds and shades! Bazaar Home Decorating Center wants to help you find the safest options for your home and the best choices for your peace of mind.


motorized child safe blindsAdd Power and Take Away Worry

You know your child loves to explore, especially in spots you don’t want them: behind couches, under tables, and even places you didn’t know existed! Kids are naturally curious, and to them, everything is a toy. So, what exactly makes window coverings unsafe? Outdated Cords! Kids (and pets, too!) love to yank, twist, and tangle up cords, which is a potential danger. There are plenty of options in child safety with blinds that don’t include cords. PowerView motorization is a perfect example. These blinds are not only cordless, but allow you to create and save settings. You can make sure that they are programmed to be out of reach during playtime, which means peace of mind for you and child safety for your little ones.


cordless child safe blindsEasy to Use and Safe

We’ve stressed the importance of having cordless blinds, but what about blinds that your child can adjust alone? Perhaps they have a playroom or like to open their blinds and shades in the morning. Cords can be a hassle for older children and a danger to young ones, which is why they need a safe, easy option. Our LiteRise operating system is the perfect, cordless choice for child safe blinds and shades. And, they’re easy for kids to use. They are adjusted using the bottom rail, so your child can easily push the blind up or pull it down–it stays right where it’s placed. As a parent, you won’t have to worry about potential dangers with this cordless system. Cordless and easy-to-use, it’s a great option for child safe blinds.


cord safe child safe blindsStill Need Cords? Safe Options for Your Home

Sometimes cordless blinds aren’t an option. We understand that the layout of your house or the placement of your windows won’t always allow for cordless blinds. You might need a cord if the bottom of the window is behind furniture or in a hard-to-reach spot. There are still plenty of options for child safe blinds. You can easily stabilize the cord with a cord wand. A cord loop secures tightly inside the window frame to stop any unsafe dangling. Another great choice is the UltraGlide system, which offers a retractable cord that automatically retracts after adjustment. These are easy to use and ensure that your child won’t be tempted to tangle and play–out of sight, out of mind!


Child Safe Blinds = Peace of Mind

Kids are natural explorers and parents are natural worriers. When it comes to your home, you want to create the safest, calmest environment for you and your family. If you are unsure of your blinds and want to look into child safe window coverings, Bazaar Home Decorating Center is here to get you started and answer any questions you may have. We care about your child’s safety and your peace of mind.  Contact us today at Bazaar Home Decorating Center for a free, in-home consultation.