The Changing Season: Tackle Common Issues

When you think of fall, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably the changing of leaves, or maybe the smell of pumpkin spice, or the cozy, nostalgic feeling that comes with the upcoming holiday season. Well, whatever it is, with the changing season of autumn comes a new way of spending time your home–and, we can help you enjoy it to the fullest.

The Colors of Fall

What’s one of the best things about fall? All the amazing colors, of course! As the weather starts to cool and the days start to shorten, looking outside your window and seeing all the beautiful colors filling your landscape can be a breathtaking sight. 

Shades help improve views of your landscape by reducing glare.

But, are you able to fully appreciate the landscape from the comfort of your home? The changing season means that falling leaves make trees bare–causing your home to fill with glare. And, if autumn isn’t bad enough, just wait until that blanket of glistening white snow shines the sunlight right into your home. 

Changing Season and Changing Light 

Glare isn’t the only light issue you’ll experience in autumn. What about the daylight diminishing with each passing day? Light can be tough to come by as we move closer to winter, so while you might want to block the glare, you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a cave. You need a solution that allows you to let light in when you want it, and keep it out when you don’t.

Sheer fabric backing allows a soft autumn glow.

Window shades that bring in filtered light, while keeping out the glare are a welcomed change this time of year. Not only that, but the versatility they offer gives you the range of control you need–year round! From light filtering to room darkening all within the same shade, you’ll have the right atmosphere, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

Preparing Is the First Step

Take the changing season head-on. Instead of waiting for the issue to present itself, take the first steps in making sure you can enjoy the beauty each season has to offer from the comfort of your home. The final–and possibly most important–issue to resolve is the temperature control of your home.

Get style and function with vintage roman shades

That chilly draft won’t go away without insulation at the window. Energy efficient window treatments bring comfort all year long, as they prevent the energy loss that happens at the window. It can be upwards of 40%! You’ll take care of your comfort and those rising energy bills at once. Here at Bazaar Home Decorating, we want to make sure your Milwaukee area home is equipped for any season. Contact us today for your FREE shop-at-home appointment.