Bringing a modern look to your house

Tired of traditional design? Exhausted by the so-called "established" home decor? If so, you might want to think about bringing a little modernity into your home with some custom window shades or blinds that are sharp, sleek and everything in between.

What exactly, though, is a "modern" look? According to Home Design Lover, an online home furnishing blog, a modern home design scheme is one that ditches all the trappings and goes for a deconstructed approach.

"Modern houses base their design on function. The design focuses on minimalism and technology. The use of modern technology is being incorporated in the functions of the different areas of the house. These types of houses include the use of stereotypical concrete, steel and glass looks. There are times that it has the touch of historical old houses and subtly use glass. You could also observe that modern houses usually have a smooth and streamlined look," states Ronald Bien, an architectural student who wrote the piece.

In other words, a modern look does away with most ornamentation. While it may seem that you have to limit your choices when at the store, the truth is that you get a good deal of customizability. Because of the toned-down nature of modern decor, you have a lot of leg-room in terms of design flair. A room with simple blinds and furniture can be easily enhanced by artwork or flowers, both of which tie the room together by connecting the modern world with whatever furnishings you feel reflect your own personality.

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