Bring some Southern-style decor into your Midwestern home

Anyone who has lived in different areas of the country knows first-hand how culture and aesthetics differ from one location to the next. And, as you might expect, this also applies to home decor. Just because you live in the Midwest, though, doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate design elements from the Northeast, West or South. Ultimately, it’s all a matter of preference.

Recently, Alabama news publication reported on Haskell Harris, a 32-year-old interior designer who is heavily influenced by the South.

“The main way that the Southern aesthetic is different from the way people in other parts of the country decorate has to do with history and purpose and craftsmanship,” Harris told the source. “Southerners gravitate toward decorative items that have history, pieces that are made to last and pieces that are meant to be used again and again.”

If you’re hoping to give your space some of this unique flair, here are some of Harris’s ideas that you can consider:

Collections – Whether it’s books, stamps, plates or anything else, try to find a way to put these items on display.

Florals – According to Harris, people who live in the South value their connection to nature and try to bring elements of the outdoors into their home.

Portraits – It’s all about the story behind the face. You can cluster your photos in a variety of different ways.

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