Boutique-style custom closets will continue to be a big trend for homeowners

If you’re thinking about installing custom closets in your Milwaukee home, it’s a good idea to start by planning out the vision you have in mind. One type of storage space that is particularly popular is the boutique-style closet, which is essentially designed to look and feel like a trendy little shop.

On January 3, Forbes released a list of housing trends to track in 2013, and high up on its list is the boutique-style closet, which the American Institute of Architects (AIA) said was a commonly desired project throughout 2012. While some homeowners like to make their storage spaces really fancy by installing wine fridges, cigar humidors, putting greens and other extravagant add-ons, here are a few basic tips that can enhance your boutique-style closet:

Add some bright paint – This is an inexpensive and easy way to really beautify your custom closet. Since you’re the main person who will see it, here is your opportunity to pick a color palette that you’ve always loved but might be a bit too bright or bold for other areas of your house.

Don’t forget the mirror – A custom closet isn’t complete without a full-length mirror, as any fashionista knows. You’ll want to be able to capture your look from head to toe, and you can even pick a mirror with adornments that match the rest of the space.

Install fun lighting – Since closets are typically windowless, lighting is an important component of these spaces. We recommend going for bright, natural light, but you can also make the space funkier and more whimsical by installing a vintage chandelier.