How to Choose the Best Bedroom Window Treatments

The key to health and happiness? Some would argue that a good night’s sleep can solve–or at least, help–many day to day issues. If you’re looking for ways to improve your family’s sleep, look no further than the windows. Or, covering them, that is. The best bedroom window treatments not only darken the atmosphere, they make it more comfortable, privacy and relaxing. How does that sound?

Why Darkness Counts

Falling asleep at night is easier in a darkened space. Staying asleep through the Saturday sunrise is even possible when it’s dark inside your bedroom. But, what are the other benefits that come from bedroom window coverings? Sleeping through the night.

room darkening smart shades for master bedroom
Designer Roller Shades

When you close off the outside world, you’re shutting down those little distractions that rouse you from a deep sleep. They seem simple enough…the full moon, a glowing street lamp, the neighbor’s patio light, headlights of passing cars. When you stop to think about it–there are a lot of distractions if you’re not proactive.

The Levels of Darkness

So, you need it dark. But, how dark? Do you know that you get to pick the amount of darkness you can achieve? Let’s talk about fabrics. There are room darkening fabrics that are designed to keep most of the light out, especially when compared to the same fabric in the light-filtering version.

one window shade in two different fabrics for light filtering and room darkening comparison
Light-filtering fabrics on the left, room darkening on the right.

You can also explore blackout fabrics, which are opaque–not letting light through. But, when it comes to the *experience* or room darkening or blackout, there’s even more choices. Depending on which collection you choose, and how everything fits in your windows, you can experience different levels of darkness. One example is the halo effect you might see with side light gaps. Those little edge slivers of light might frustrate you.

beautifully decorated Milwaukee
Designer Roller Shades

When you want the ultimate in blackout shades, we’ve got them! Our Duette shades are available with the LightLock system, which seals out the light at the edges. The edges are inserted into a U-shaped channel, guiding them up and down as they are adjusted. This innovative system is a great option for bedrooms that receive intense sunshine or your home’s media space.


The Function You’ll Love

What good are the best bedroom window treatments if you can’t adjust them easily, right? If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the past couple of years, it’s that we need to make use of every inch of our homes. Expect more–and make it easy for yourself. This is one of the top reasons homeowners are upgrading everything they can with “smart” features. Smart shades are no different.

smart shades in a living room
Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters with PowerView® Automation

Transform the bedrooms of your home to daytime use with a simple tap or voice command. Suddenly, the darkened cave–where you slept all night–is now a yoga studio, a home office, or just a spot to relax for a few moments before you take on the day. Schedule adjustments through your other smart system features, so that everything works together.

Everyone’s Favorite Features

The customizations just keep coming! You have this opportunity to create the ideal environments within the bedrooms of your home. Make it count. So, what are the top features that everyone is considering in the bedroom?

woven woods lowered from the top in master bedroom
Provenance® Woven Woods

The first one is Top Down. Why is this perfect for the bedroom? You can have all the privacy you need, but you also enjoy mood-enhancing light streaming in across your ceiling, illuminating the room.

best room darkening Milwaukee
Silhouette® Shades with Duolite® and PowerView® Automation

The next one is Dual Shades. This is just an all-around favorite. It’s commonly called “the best of both worlds,” since you have such a range of control and settings. The front shade is meant to filter light & reduce the glare, while showing off the view. The secondary shade on the same shared headrail is lowered into position when you want to close out the world.

Top down bottom up shades in master bedroom in Milwaukee WI
Duette® Shades

What about comfort? The bedroom should be the ultimate comfort zone. And, in the Milwaukee area, we definitely have to think about the way temperatures outside affect our sleep. Energy efficient window coverings are a great way to maintain comfort…year round.

window treatment with child-safe features
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Don’t forget about safety. Your children’s bedrooms are supposed to be the area where they can sleep and play without worry. But, as toddlers and preschool age children start to explore, accidents can happen quickly. Parents always love the idea of cordless and cord-safe shades in the bedrooms of their little ones to ensure that dangers are kept away.


Did You Find the Best Bedroom Window Treatments for Your Family?

There’s a lot to consider when investing in your home. Do you need help? These decisions can be easy and fun with a window covering specialist guiding you! Stop on by our showroom to see everything in person. Then, invite us to your home to chat about your vision, issues you’re facing and how we can help. It’s a free appointment so you can get started the right way. Get in touch with us today!