Before and After Window Coverings: Getting the Most From Your Home

When grey winter days drive us to spend more and more time indoors, we could all use a good dose of sunlight. Natural lighting can help you create a warm and cozy winter paradise, where you can snuggle up and weather the cold days. However, without proper window coverings, that enticing glow becomes a blinding barrage of UV rays that can damage furniture, walls, and floors, not to mention keep you from enjoying your phone or tablet! Take a look at these before and after window coverings, and see how easily you can change the way you live in your home!


An All Too Common Scene…

before of before and after silhouette window shadesBig, beautiful windows, a lovely view, and comfortable seating invite you to relax, but the harsh glare and deep rigid shadows immediately diminish the rooms appeal, giving it an unfinished look. The blaring light makes it all but impossible to find a good spot to read a book, stream a video, or enjoy using your tablet. And with the inconsistent buildup of heat in the room, forget about a comfortable nap! Over time, the streaming UV rays will discolor the walls and damage the furnishings, causing this washed out look to be permanent. Not being able to use a room to its full potential is an all too relatable problem, and something many people just accept and ignore. If this is something you’ve been “just dealing with”, check out the next scene in before and after window coverings to learn how you could never have to deal with it again!


This Changes Everything!

after of before and after silhouette window shadesSuch a difference! By adding Silhouette window shades, the whole feel of this before and after transformation is amazing. Silhouette shades are made with a sheer backing that lets light in, so the warmth and glow of natural light is ever-present, but perfectly diffused and directed to create soft shadows and a calming atmosphere. With the glare eliminated, there’s not a bad seat in the house! You can enjoy a book or your favorite device, without the distraction and discomfort of straining to see. Observe how the sheer fabrics bring in soft, filtered light, allowing these Silhouette shades to breath new life into the window seating area. Enjoy gazing at the breathtaking view without damaging your eyes. And with no overheated hotspots, you can rejuvenate with a comfortable nap. The potential of this room has been unlocked, and it can finally be enjoyed for all that it has to offer!

Get The Most Out Of What You Have

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful home–you deserve to enjoy every room exactly the way you want. Take control of the light in your home, and give yourself the most out of what you have with a before and after transformation. Now that you know that window coverings can transform not just the look, but the feel of your room, and the quality of the time you spend there, contact our team at Bazaar Home Decorating for a free in-home consultation today!