Before and After: The Inspiration to Transform

Are you looking for inspiration on how to transform your living space? Wondering how the addition of window treatments will affect your home–Are they worth it? We are here to show you that the right window shades–alone–can dramatically transform your home, giving just the right amount of natural light, privacy and elegance. Take a look at this before and after transition to see just how powerful the right window coverings can be!



Before: Harsh and Washed Out

Before and After Living Room No ShadesWithout any window coverings, there is no way to control that incoming natural light. That leads to harsh glare and gives the entire room a washed out look. There is no protection from the sun for the furnishings, area rug, artwork–or your eyes! With a room like this, you want to be able to sit comfortably, entertain company and enjoy the atmosphere. In doing so, you’d also like to be able to control the heat coming into the room and the amount of privacy you have. Controlling the amount of natural light coming into the room is the best way to afford all of these wants. And the best way to control the natural light is to cover the windows! But of course, you don’t want to sacrifice the beauty of your large windows. Let’s see how installing the right window coverings can transform this before and after scene.




After: Warm and Relaxing

Before and After Duette ShadesWith the addition of our Duette shades with the top down bottom up feature, this room has been transformed into an inviting, warm atmosphere. The honeycomb design of the shades traps air in distinct pockets, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. With top down shades, you can still get plenty of natural light across the ceiling to brighten the room without resorting to artificial lights. Gone is the annoying glare of sunlight streaming in uncontrolled. You can adjust the shades to open from the top, the bottom or anywhere in between to find your perfect balance of light and privacy. At the same time, you’ve the added protection from harmful UV rays, protecting your furnishings, floors and artwork from fading or damage over time. Doesn’t this transformation look brighter, more comfortable? Wouldn’t you love to see this same change in your own home?




Before and After: An Inspirational Transformation

Looking at the before and after photos above, you can see just how much the addition of the right window coverings can transform your living space and give you much valued benefits. Aside from the practical benefits, you get the aesthetic beauty and added elegance of Hunter Douglas window coverings along with their best in the business lifetime guarantee. Who could ask for more?

Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation and let our design experts give you a personal before and after view of your own home and show you how inspirational our window coverings can be to help you transform your home and upgrade your life!