How to Avoid Energy Loss in Your Home

As homeowners, the cost of energy bills can sometimes catch us off guard.  Both cold winter months and the hot summer season can affect the temperature and comfort inside our homes, causing us to use energy to moderate the temperature. We can help you curb this continual problem of energy loss, making it more comfortable while saving energy. Here’s how. 

Windows Can Be The Culprit

Up to 40% of energy loss can occur at the window. That’s right. Those beautiful windows are the culprit! In the wintertime, the outside is always circulating, up against the glass, influencing the air temperature just inside your home, leading us to turn up our thermostats. In the summer, all that amazing sunlight, pouring in throughout the day, heats up our homes, forcing us to run the AC around the clock. Heating and cooling your home can be costly, but there are even more reasons to be concerned about energy loss at the window.  Let’s take a closer look. 

energy loss living room bare windows in Milwaukee home

This view can make your energy bills skyrocket in both the summer and winter.

Other Results of Energy Loss

Energy loss is a burden no matter how you look at it.  It can increase your utility bills, but also affect your lifestyle at home.  We are spending more time at home than ever before these days–have you noticed any patterns developing? Maybe phrases being repeated around your home?

  • Who turned up the heat again?
  • Do you feel a draft?
  • Do we need all the lights on in the house?
  • I can’t work in here, it’s too bright.
  • I can’t work in here, it’s too dark.
Dog under cozy blankets Milwaukee WI
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

By preventing energy loss, your everyday routine will not be disrupted by these constant inconveniences. Let’s explore different ways to accomplish this.

Ready for Solutions?

You came to the right place.  With Energy Efficient window treatments, you can reduce energy loss and benefit from the many conveniences they offer. Your home can be comfortable all year without the need for adjusting the thermostat. Adding the right window coverings will allow you to control sun exposure and use it to your benefit. Imagine a window shade that will allow natural light in to brighten the room but keep the glare to a minimum.  How’s that for a solution? 

Cellular shades top down in Milwaukee WI home
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

By identifying which windows are most susceptible to energy loss, we can start solving problems with the correct window treatments.

  • Take advantage of the natural light coming in across the ceiling
  • Draw the shades to keep the warm air inside, or block intense summer sunshine throughout the day
  • Prevent a cool draft by covering windows with beautiful fabrics
modern shades in living room Milwaukee WI
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

A Comfortable Home

When you think of a comfortable home what comes to mind?  Warmth, privacy, maybe even adjustable natural light? All of these comforts can benefit your “at-home” lifestyle.  Each room has its own layout–and its own needs–when it comes to energy loss solutions. But we can solve most issues with our collection of energy saving window treatments and achieve year-round comfort for your home.

window seat with sonnet roller shades in Milwaukee
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

At Bazaar Home Decorating, we can help evaluate your home for energy loss and provide helpful solutions. Reducing the cost of energy bills AND improving the comfort of your home is a win-win!  Get in touch with our team today for a FREE Consultation