Artsy, girly or sophisticated: Picking the perfect bedroom decor for your teenage daughter

Teenagers, though lovable, certainly can be difficult. While going through those early years of pre-adulthood, it’s important for them have a great living environment to foster creativity, happiness and growth. As many Milwaukee area moms and dads know, when your daughter becomes a teenager, she may want to redecorate her bedroom to better reflect her personality. As tough as it may be to tear down that frilly wallpaper you lovingly selected for her bedroom more than a decade ago, it may be time to give in and let your girl decide on some of her own decor.

During this phase, many local residents turn to Bazaar Home Decorating, a local Milwaukee fabric store, to take advantage of our custom bedding solutions. Offering a wide selection of fabric at low prices, we can help you and your daughter select the perfect duvet cover, pillows, headboard and more.

Here are some different bedroom decor ideas to satisfy her unique personality:

Artsy – For the teenager who spends her free time drawing or knitting scarves, a brightly colored bedroom may be just the kind of eccentric look she’s going for. By using a pale color on the walls and a bold shade of orange for the bedspread, her surroundings can be just as fiery and free-spirited as she is. Oh, and don’t forget to hang plenty of artwork on the walls!

Girly – Some teenagers never outgrow their girliness, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If this is the case with your daughter, she’ll probably select pinks and purples for her bedspread. White furniture goes perfectly with those colors and really finishes off this feminine look.

Sophisticated – If she’s wise beyond her years and prefers a refined, contemporary look, your daughter might want to consider wooden furniture and minimal accessories. For a color scheme, try green and yellow accents to go with the dressers and bookshelves, and think about selecting a brown, patterned bedspread.