Arched Window Treatments: Exquisite Options for Style & Function

Your home has its own unique characteristics and features. If you have specialty-shaped windows, there’s a good chance that you cherish these distinctive design elements. But, if you’ve been thinking about how to cover them, you’re not alone. This week, we’re going to look at arched windows and the incredible balance of style and function that arched window treatments can bring to your home.


When You Need Solutions…

bare arched windows with side drapery panels Waukesha 53188

The curves at the top of arched windows add softness and originality to the design of your space. Unfortunately, they can also contribute to the frustrations of overwhelming light, heat, and harmful UV rays. Knowing you need window coverings is one thing, but determining which ones can seem tricky. And that’s why we’re here! Let’s look more closely at your options for arched window treatments.


Shades of Softness

living room sheer shades on arched window treatments Hunter Douglas Waukesha 53188

Many people hesitate to cover arched windows because they don’t want to lose the appealing look, natural light, and increased view that they bring. With the right arched window treatments, you can actually enhance all of those features. We love how window shades add to the soft look of arches and how much control they create for the atmosphere of your home.


Blinds of Beauty

entryway blinds arched window treatments Hunter Douglas Brookfield 53045

Did you know that, in some cases, you don’t actually have to cover the top arch of your window to achieve the solutions you need? Leaving it open works much the same way as top down bottom up window treatments. Light flows in across the ceiling while the bottom portion of your window stays covered for privacy and light control. You can do this with many types of window treatments. But we especially love how it plays out with blinds. The linear slats contrast with the arched curves for a look that brings tremendous visual appeal.


Shutters of Character

white plantation shutters for arched window treatments Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217

If you want to accentuate the uniqueness of your specialty-shaped windows, look no further than shutters for your arched window treatments. When you see them on arches, there’s just no denying that plantation shutters are simply stunning. We love how they provide all the control solutions you want while also highlighting the gorgeous shape of your windows and upgrading the style of your whole room.


Customize Arched Window Treatments Today

Are you drawn to the soft look of shades, the simplicity of blinds, or the character of shutters? Our team at Bazaar Home Decorating can help you find the right arched window treatments for your personal style preferences and your unique Milwaukee-area home. Visit our showroom for inspiration, and schedule your FREE in-home consultation today.