FREE UltraGlide 2 Upgrade – Silhouette Window Shades

Enjoy a FREE control upgrade on Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shades.  Only at Bazaar, receive a free upgrade on to the UltraGlide 2 (Click and walk away) lifting system.  This revolutionary system will allow you to:

  • Not have any cords mounted to your wood work
  • Make your window treatment child safe
  • Allow you the easiest way to operate a shade (besides battery operated)

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade will allow you to control the light in your home like never before!

  • PRIVACY – The unique double sheer design, will give you daytime privacy.  Which will allow you to see out, but prevent people from seeing in
  • BRIGHTEN YOUR ROOM – Double sheer design will disburse the light coming in through your entire room, instead of in just one spot
  • REDUCE HEAT – Silhouette shades will block the heat from coming in your unprotected window to lower cooling costs
  • BLOCK UV RAYS – Protect your furniture, floors, artwork and more while still maintaining your view of the outdoors
  • And More!  Watch the video to see why Hunter Douglas Window Shades are the right products for you.