Custom Wood Shutters

Shutters are an important aspect of your window, adding a decorative feature to both an interior and exterior as well allowing you to let sun in and block it out at your liking. 

Why choose Bazaar Home Decorating Center for your shutters?

The wood shutters we offer at Bazaar Home Decorating are stylish and dependable. Interior shutters look great in any room in your house, whether in your bathroom or living room. Are you afraid that your shutters may clash with your other home décor? Don't you worry! We can paint or stain your shutters the exact color of your woodwork. Best of all, no window is too big or too small. We'll customize your shutters to cover arch windows, eyebrow windows, angled windows, octagon windows and more.

Aside from allowing you to regulate lighting window treatments such as shutters can also help you save on energy costs by retaining heat and sunlight in the winter and allowing you to shade your home during the hot summer months. Less expensive than some other window fashions, shutters can even increase the value of your Milwaukee home.

What type of shutters do we offer?

We carry shutters from all the top-quality manufacturers, including Hunter Douglas, Graber and Lafayette. We even offer various styles such as the ever-popular plantation shutters, versatile coverings that can exude either a rustic or modern feel, depending on your preference. To ensure complete satisfaction, most of our shutters even come with a lifetime warranty. Along with our popular wood shutters, we can also create shutters in vinyl as well as hybrid compositions of vinyl and wood.

Show your windows some love by stopping into our Milwaukee area showroom today!